Album cover..Rumor says Gaga created this cover while slashing a cow

Flesh Shit RomanceEdit

Flesh Shit Romance is the debut album from Lady Caca. The album receved several negative reviews. The albums 1st song "Tranny Sex" debuted at number 7 on BillBoard Fake Shit songs and after 3 weeks it was number 1.


In an interview Gaga said "I woke up and said i'm a fat tranny who wants some sex...i fought that would be an awsome song so i wrote Tranny Sex with was good on BillBoard Fake Shit Songs but i needed an album to realease the song..And i fought of Flesh Romance you know flesh i love flesh..Yummy flesh!!"

All the songs were written by gaga and her ex-girlfriend Katy Bazzongas T!ts Perry (as in Perry the animal from Phineas and Ferb)

Critical ReceptionEdit

The album recived several negative reviews..The albums best score was half a star given by non other then Cher quoting "I'm a whore, Gaga is a whore..We are all bunch of whores".

Someone from youtube said "This album litteraly makes me puke glitter...I seriously want to pick up a knife kill Gaga and then eat her brains..Gosh its so awful."
Madonna tweeted "How the fuck do you tweet?"
Britney also tweeted "Like this madonna"
After that Madonna tweeted "Ohh!! Gaga u fucking suck"
Britney also tweeted "I'm a good singer GAGA"
Beyoncé tweeted "Can I join?"
Britney responded "Sure"
After that Beyoncé tweeted "Gaga even my dog can make better albums"

Chart performanceEdit

Nothing to say the album reached number 1 on Please Dont Buy/Listen.

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