The cover of I AM...Sasha Killer was considered to horny for young people so Gaga decided to put penguins

I AM...Sasha KillerEdit

I AM...Sasha Killer is an album by an it recording artist probably from Japan called Lady Gaga. I AM...Sasha Killer recived negative reviews from critics, and it floped only selling 7 copies in the world mysteriously all bought by Cher. The album also has a number 1 song called "All the horny ladies (put a d!ck on it)".

Compositon & tracklistEdit

Acording to George W. Bush & Lady Caca herself said that the album was stolen from Beyoncé, after Gaga killed her in Telephone or videophone (SO MANY PHONES).

I AM...Sasha Killer was written by lady gaga and george w. bush and it was considered the worst album ever made in the world.


  • If i were a tranny
  • Hello?
  • Broken-dickless girl
  • All the horny ladies (put a d!ck on it)
  • Queer diva
  • Wet dreams
  • Iphone

Critical receptionEdit

A 2 stars were given by again Cher (die u whore) saying " I loved this album sooo much..speacially watching bush dancing with a black swimsuit in wet dreams and then Gaga showing her dick in Iphone..God i loved it i masturbated while listening to it"

LA from USA said "Gaga as never gone so LOW"

Madonna tweeted "U made me horny Gaga"


The album debuted at 1999 on BillBoard Fucking horny albums and its lead single All the horny ladies (put a d!ck on it) debuted at number 1 on BillBoard fake even shitter songs and in Tranny with a dick or dickless chart.

The album as only sold 7 copies WORLDWIDE...After that Gaga said in ABC Horny "People didnt buy my album because my dick showed" and cried while she was hited by a train

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