The Cover for The Fame [Whore] in America. Or [Whore] The Fame in Europe. And in China/Japan is called [Whore whore whore]

The Fame [WHORE]Edit

After realeasing "Flesh Shit Romance"(omg worst album ever) Lady Caca got drunk painted her hair black, performed on LOLAPALOZZA, killed some cows, and went to rehab. In Rehab she meet Lindsay Lohan wich was back in the day a huge pop star. Lohan ad singles like "I'ma Horny (Cow)" "Super Slut (make my legs shut)" "Yeahh..L!ck my but" wich were Caca's favourite songs. So Caca decided to wrote the album with Lohan (WRONG MOVE),


"My d!ck just dances when i shake myself" was Gaga's 1st number 1 song on actually a good chart called "O-M-G You reached number 1" and sadly last hit. The Fame [WHORE] was written with Caca and Lohan.
Its really BAD.

The album only has 6 songs:

  • "My d!ck just dances when i shake myself"
  • Super Slut (yeah i copied Lohan)
  • Shut by but
  • Fernando
  • Boys have a d!ck so do I
  • Humm Humm Humm (eh eh eh)(anything else i can suck?)

Critical ReceptionEdit

The album recived generally negative reviews. Jack Dick sanders from USA today quoted "Gaga when will you learn? If you are a whore act like one"
Madonna tweeted "Gaga...Stop copying Disney songs...everyone knows that boys have a dick so do i song is a original disney channel song from their movie Hanna Montana Fu(ck)e(L) on my car"
Anna Simpson from The New York Times " I tryed to fuck while listening to Hummm Humm Humm (eh eh eh) (anything else i can suck?) and it just didnt made me get an orgasm like the song says...)
In Total the albums best score was 1 star given by again Cher who quoted: "Gaga i'm a whore who likes d!cks.. you have on so..."

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